What Next for the AU: Moratorium on Ending Norm Setting and Focus on Norm Diffusion and Implementation

What Next for the AU

End Norm-Setting, Focus on Norm Implementation

The AU’s different normative and institutional frameworks are designed to enhance the Member States’ capacities to fulfill their responsibilities of delivery and democracy. The AU has more than 200 well-advanced legislative and policy frameworks on several issues covering the four pillars, including 43 treaties and conventions. Nine of them have yet to enter into force. These policies cost at least 1 million USD from the first draft by a consultant to adoption by the Heads of State. The AU needs to swiftly implement these policies in cooperation with Member States to increase its impact and relevance on the ground. With strong leadership of the AU Commission focused on vision and legacy, the AU could daily become the driver of change in the AU and Africa. But first the AU Commission itself needs internal good governance. So radical reform of the AU Commission is in order.