My book entitled: ‘The Kampala Convention and Its Contributions to International Law’ 4

With a foreword by Dr Francis Deng, Ambassador and leading scholar in the field and the Former Under-Secretary General Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide, and an introduction by AU former Commissioner of Political Affairs, Mrs Julia Joiner, the book analyses in great depth the provisions of the Kampala Convention in relation to the governance of migration, peace and security and human security in Africa.

While empirical research about the issues of forced migration has recently exhibited a sharp growth in terms of quantity and quality, research on the governance of internal displacement in Africa has tended to be rare or non-existent. This is especially the case in the field of law and policy, as most of the studies focusing on Internally displaced Persons (IDPs) in Africa have adopted a non-legal approach. The practical relevance of this book is significant for the following reasons: the book offers an insight into the internal negotiations between Member States of the AU during the drafting processes of the Kampala Convention, and encapsulates and summarizes the main discussion points, arguments and disagreements. Second, the findings and recommendations contained in the book should be of assistance to the AU, RECs, national governments and international institutions with mandates related to internal displacement and IDPs. Third, by serving as an introduction to the Kampala Convention and its long process of adoption, the book will be a valuable resource tool for the ratification, domestication and implementation of the Kampala Convention. For practitioners on the ground, it could assist their work by serving as an interpretative reference. Fourth, the book also seeks to identify the legal lacunas in the African legal system pertaining to IDPs and reduce discrepancies in the interpretation of the Kampala Convention. It can also assist in developing ways and means for enhancing capacities towards effective implementation of the Convention.

The publisher, Eleven International Publishing, is a widely respected academic publisher based in The Hague, Netherlands.

A new book on the Kampala Convention

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